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Datalogger RC-4HC



Registro de datos multiusos: adopta 1 sensor de humedad de temperatura interna y 1 sensor de temperatura externo que permite métodos de medición duales. Graba hasta 16.000 puntos de temperatura y 16.000 puntos de humedad.


  1. Temperature measuring range: -30C~+60C; external sensor(cable length 1.1m), -40C~+85C
  2. Temperature accuracy: -30C~+60C, ±0.5C; others, ±1.0C
  3. Temperature unit: Two scales ( °C / °F ), set through RC-4HC data management software
  4. Humidity measuring range: 0~99%RH
  5. Humidity accuracy: ±3%RH(25¿,20~90%RH), others, ±5%RH
  6. Resolution: Temperature 0.1C; Humidity 0.1%RH
  7. Record capacity: 16000 points(MAX)
  8. Record interval: 10s~24hour adjustable
  9. Connect interface: USB interface
  10. Two kinds of Power supply: CR2450 battery or power supply via USB interface
  11. Battery life: in normal temperature, if the record interval sets as 15 minutes, it could be used above one year
  12. Ambient environmental temperature: -30C~+60C; in the low temperature environment, LCD displays slowly, while it has not an impact on the normal measuring nor recording. Once the temperature recovering, it could display normally
  13. Product size: 84mm (length) X 44mm (width) X 20 mm (height)
  14. Logger weight: 40g


  1. Easy operation: When connected to computer, the software will read data automatically, and form reports.
  2. LCD screen displays the temperature,humidity, time, log points, over temperature alarm, temperature upper/lower limit and Max/Min temperature.
  3. Two sensors: one internal temperature sensor, one internal humidity sensor, one external temperature sensor.
  4. Used to record temperature data over a long period of time.
  5. LCD displays data and settings.
  6. Above one year battery life.
  7.  16000 data recording capacity.
  8. Data management software & USB cable included for working with PC easily.

El paquete incluye:

  • 1x Temperature and Humidity data logger
  • 1X External Temperature Sensor(1.1m)
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x Battery
  • 1x User manual




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