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Datalogger GSP-6



Multi-use Data Logger

Conforms to GSP standard of new edition
Two modes to save data: full record stop and cyclic record
Over limit sound-light alarm
Two pieces of built-in magnets
An external temperature sensor and an external humidity sensor
Record capacity: 16000 points (max)

Why We Choose It?

Elitech GPS-6 data logger is mainly used to record the temperature and humidity of food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, etc.It is widely applicable to each link in storage and logistics of cold chain, such as refrigerated container, refrigerator truck, cooler bag, cooler cabinet,medicine cabinet, cold storage, laboratory, etc.

It can also automatically shorten the record, interval in case of over temperature and humidity limit. It will buzzer and the red indicator will flash if it is over limit .Two pieces of built-in magnets are convenient to fix the data logger onto metal material surface.


  • Record interval: 10 sec~24 hour continuously set
  • Battery life: two years at room temperature with 15 minutes record interval and buzzer alarm disabled
  • Power supply: single-use 3.6 V lithium battery or powered via USB.
  • Measurement Range
  • Temperature measuring range: -40C ~ 85C
  • Temperature accuracy: ±0.5C (-20C ~40C; ±1 C (other))
  • Humidity range: 10 %~99 % Humidity accuracy: ±3 % RH (25 C, 20%~90% RH); ±5% RH(other)
  • Resolution: temperature 0.1 C , humidity 0.1 % RH
  • Working temperature: -30 C ~ 70 C.
  • Mac/Win Supported Software
  • When you first use the data logger, please install our free data-management software. Once you connect it to your Win/Mac system, the log interval, C/F temperature unit (showed both on report and screen), alarm limits can be adjusted via the USB cable.In addition, data could be saved, graphed, exported and in Excel/PDF format.

What package Includes?

  • 1x Data logger
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Temperature Sensor 78(in)
  • 1x Humidity Sensor 78(in)
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x 3.7 Lithium Battery

The battery is not rechargeable.
No internal temperature and humidity sensors.


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